Thursday, October 23, 2008

Former Lego employee used company credit cards to buy collector toy sets and resell them on eBay

In April, Lego officials in Enfield, CT received a call from a man who told them he was a reseller of Lego products on eBay. He claimed he had recently purchased a Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon toy set on eBay and that there was a packing slip inside the box from the company’s “Shop at Home” division addressed to the eBay seller — who turned out to be an employee of Lego.

The original cost of the item on the slip revealed a much lower price than his cost for similar products. He wanted to know how he could purchase such items at the lower price.

His inquiry touched off an investigation which revealed the seller’s improper use of her company credit card.

According to an affidavit, Linda Hegarty, 46, said she was overwhelmed by bills. She admitted to purchasing and reselling about $4,688 worth of Lego products on eBay between March and April. However, company officials told police that further investigation revealed she had been using her company credit card to make improper purchases since 2002.

Looking at the prices some of these sets can bring on eBay, it’s probably not too surprising that this is not the first time a Lego employee has been in such a situation...

Completed auction prices show that these sets can bring close to $600 each on eBay!

In 2006, three former Lego employees stole thousands of dollars worth of Star Wars-themed Lego sets while working at the Enfield distribution center and selling them on eBay. The men were each charged with first-degree larceny for stealing 140 Lego Star Wars Destroyer sets. They were required to pay restitution to the company in the amount of $17,000.

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