Monday, October 27, 2008

With a tough economy, more online sellers; more scams

Welcome to the economic meltdown, where folks who have never before used the eBay auction site or Craigslist online classifieds might be looking for ways to generate extra cash by selling household items. Auction and classified-ad sites are prime territory for fraud. People who need the money are most vulnerable.

However, such problems are not restricted to merchandise sales online. I recently experienced reason for caution while job searching on Craigslist.

I noticed some positions listed in various categories of jobs and all of these similar ads listed rate of pay considerably higher than one might expect such a position to pay. Some of these ads seem extremely appealing. Then, once you email a resume, a reply is sent back asking you to complete an application online. Even at this point, the name and location of the company offering the job is not revealed. Yet, the online application you are asked to complete does request lots of personal information — including your social security number. Be careful!


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