Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lack of signage leads to weekend exploration ...and delicious lemon squares!

On our way to an advertised estate sale over the weekend and there were no signs posted anywhere! Don’t you hate that?

And then there’s the issue of people who have tag sales and never remove their old signs... These things can be awfully frustrating for us bargain hunters!

I recalled the general directions, but not the specific street name... We never found the sale, but it was a lovely ride through Woodstock on a colorful Autumn morning. Living in the Quiet Corner of Connecticut, we often overlook things to do and see just beyond our own backyards. Such was the case with the charming country tea house we discovered, situated just beyond the Woodstock Fairgrounds.

One one side of the dirt lot is a picturesque little country store selling fudge, candy, dried herb mixtures, a few antiques, cast irons pans, and handcrafted wisk brooms. On the other side there is an inviting tea house featuring a gift shop of all things tea-related, and a very pretty sitting area offering a variety of sandwich wraps, fresh pastries and teas of all imaginable kinds! The tea was warm and flavorful. The lemon squares there are to die for!!

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