Monday, October 13, 2008

Photos from Monday's holiday: Scituate Art Festival in Rhode Island

The Scituate Art Festival happens every year on Columbus Day weekend in Scituate, Rhode Island. This has to be the most beautiful event of the year — it’s one I always look forward to attending!

Obviously, there is art to be seen and sold, and artists of all kinds to meet. In addition -- there is a huge variety of creative arts and crafts on display, food and music, a fantastic library book sale and church and home yard sales too!! Add to all that, stunning scenery surrounds you, and for those who enjoy people-watching, it’s incredible! Not only people galore, but so many pet owners take this event as an opportunity to show off their dogs. I’ve saw a real assortment -- from pretty little fluffy ones with bows in their hair to others that looked downright dangerous.

This year, all three days were bright and beautiful!! I made my visit today along with my four-year-old daughter, Katelyn. The long walk to and from our parking spot was great exercise for us both — although lugging all of the books I could gather from the library sale was a bit challenging on the way back to the car for me! Katelyn did super with all the walking, but as you might expect, within five minutes of being strapped into her seat, she was fast asleep for the ride home!


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