Sunday, October 5, 2008

Yard sale finds can bring on good times

Half the fun of checking out Saturday morning yard sales is not only discovering bargains and enjoying the beauty of a crisp Autumn day, but sometimes the smallest finds can bring the greatest enjoyment!

My 4-year-old daughter, Katie and I stopped at a yard sale in our neighborhood yesterday morning just before heading out to the Roger Williams Park in RI for our day’s activities. There was the usual assortment of pre-owned household goods, clothing spread out on tarps over the lawn, and boxes overflowing with stuffed animals of all kinds...

But they also had a great selection of old music CDs — some of the songs brought back memories of sounds I enjoyed from the past, but I hadn’t heard in a long, long time!

Such was the case with Carly Simon’s Greatest Hits Live album. I’ve always loved the sweet smoothness of her voice. I picked out that CD from a pile where it was amid so many others. (I have to say, the assortment at that yard sale was incredible!)

I spotted the Itsy Bitsy Spider song on the list. Knowing how much Katie loves to sing along in the car with me, I thought here was a great opportunity for her to hear it done a little differently — not your typical nursery rhyme rant! I gladly put out the dollar — not only to revisit reminiscent songs of way-back-when for me — but to involve my daughter in a fun musical experience we could both share in together.

Sure enough, as I pushed the button to hear track number 10, Katie had the words down pat! She chimed in as soon as the spider part came on. Katie even asked me to play it again, making for a happy car ride as we continued on our way to the zoo!

Carly Simon Itsy Bitsy Spider Music via

I hope she’ll remember singing along in
the car with Mom when she is older!

It reminded me of the sing-along songs I most enjoyed with my older kids when they were little... (My oldest is 22 now!)

I hopped online and logged onto eBay when we got home last night to buy the CD Katie’s older siblings enjoyed almost a decade earlier: ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE: BEATLES SONGS FOR KIDS. Once about a time, that music was played and replayed constantly in my car! I think Katie will love singing to those songs too...


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