Friday, October 17, 2008

Got Questions? There’s a new online discussion forum on AuctionZip

By design, the frenzied selling style of auctions can sometimes be confusing. If you’ve ever seen something going at an auction that you didn’t quite understand or maybe you have a question on how to sell your own goods through auction format, there’s a terrific new online forum in place over at AuctionZip.

AuctionZip is a great Web site resource where you can find out what auctions are happening -- where & when -- within so many miles of your zip code.

On this new forum, there are various viewpoints posted on common practices and questions in general on all kinds of auctions: antique and collectible auctions, car auctions, storage unit auctions, charity events, and more! Lots of chatter here among dealers and those in the auction business too. If you’re an avid auction-goer, a newbie, or anyone in the business, it’s well worth the time to check it out!

Find local auctions on AuctionZip.


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